• This guide is only needed when you setup your own SMTP server as outlined here
  • This guide only provides steps on how to configure your SMTP settings to work with your own metrofax. If you need assistance creating your own metrofax account, contact metrofax. 
  • If you do not wish to use fax through MySCView.com, you do not need to configure this. Just notify support at support@scview.com that you wish to disable faxing through our system. 
  • If you never had fax enabled, please contact support@scview.com with this request. 

1. After logging in, click "Account Details"

2. Change "Send Email Addresses" and "Receive Email Addresses" by clicking edit and enter the email address you added to your custom SMTP settings.

Once you have made the above changes, you'll now be able to send faxes using your own SMTP settings.