**Some of the items discussed in this guide may not be available to your district**


1. Go to www.myscview.com to log in. 

If you've never logged in before, please contact your admin for your username and initial password.

2. Click on the "Tools" menu and click "Mileage"

3. This screen is referred to as Mileage Manager. Here you can see the details of all the Mileages you have created. In this screen you are able to add a Mileage with the button that says Add New. You are also able to copy a Mileage with Copy if it is exactly the same as one you have created prior.

Adding a new mileage will pull up the Add Mileage screen.

Information Section

The fields in the upper section of the form will be used to determine each individual line of mileage. 


Requestor Email: This is the email address that will receive notifications about the mileage. This is the email address that is listed in the user profile for the user currently logged in, and is locked to the logged in user.

First Name and Last Name: These fields will pre-populate with the name that is set under the user who is logged in. The name can be changed if necessary.

Department: This is a drop-down based on the list of departments in the user profile. If the user only has a single department, this box is automatically selected and locked for the user with the value of the department.

Description: This section is available for a general description for the Mileage request.

Mileage Date: The date of the mileage line item

From: When clicking this option, a list of predetermined destinations will appear if the district has decided to utilize this option. If there are no predetermined locations enabled, the list will be blank.

To Destination: The opposite of the From box, this will also provide a list of predetermined locations. Again, if there have been no locations set up, this will be blank.

Address Traveling From: This is the physical address of the starting location.

Address Traveling To: This is the physical address of the ending location

Total Miles: The total miles between the From and To locations. This will automatically calculate based on the Google maps distance between the two locations if enough information is provided by the user. For Admins: Ask support about tracking changes to this field. 

Other Expenses: Use this field if other expenses were incurred on the trip that would not fall directly under mileage driven.

Comment: Use this field to explain Other Expenses for this trip.

Attach: Used to add any relevant attachments to the form.



Line Items

Once all of the relevant information has been filled out in the top section of the form, the line can be added to the overall mileage.

Add: Clicking the Add button pulls all of the information that was filled out in the upper portion and creates a line item. If any required fields are missing, the form will warn that something is missing.

Edit: After a line item is created with the Add button, changes can be made by highlighting the line item and pressing Edit. This will take the information from the line item and push it back up into the upper section of the form. Any changes that need to be made should be done in the upper portion of the form. Once changes are made, the Add button should now say Update. Simply choose Update to save any changes.

Delete: Used to delete a line. Once deleted, a line cannot be recovered.

Round Trip: When a line item is created, use this to reverse the From and To locations. Any additional expenses incurred on the line being "round tripped" will be removed and only the mileage will remain. The overall comment will remain the same with (Round Trip) added to the end when the button is used. If the same trip is taken multiple times, the button can be used multiple times (as seen in screenshot).

Copy: Select the line you wish to copy and clicking this will copy the line. Perfect for those daily trips. 

Total: The total amount is calculated based on the total of all expenses plus the mileage rate times the number of miles. If the total is not coming up correctly, the mileage rate is most likely incorrect or not set. Please contact support at support@scview.com to correct the mileage rate.


Creating a Requisition

This feature may not be available to your district - contact your admin if you believe it should be enabled

If the Create Requisition option is enabled, you will see a checkbox in the top-right corner of the form. Checking this box opens additional fields that need to be completed in order for the requisition to be created properly.

Vendor #: This is the person that will be receiving the mileage payment. If you are unsure of the vendor number, you can use the binoculars next to the field to search for the correct number.

Deliver To Vendor #: This is the approval path for the requisition once it is generated.

Account #: The account to be used to pay for the mileage

Comment: The description of the line item on the requisition


The requisition is not created on submission - it must be processed via workflow


Creating an Invoice

This feature may not be available to your district - contact your admin if you believe it should be enabled

If the Submit with PO option is enabled, you will see a checkbox in the top-right corner of the form. Checking this box opens an additional field that needs to be completed in order for the invoice to be created properly.

PO Number: This is the PO number that the invoice will be attached to. If the PO number does not exist or is invalid, the form will not be able to be submitted.

The invoice is not created on submission - it must be processed via workflow. Once the Mileage form is at the final approval, the confirm screen will create the requisition or invoice and send to the workflow.


Once the mileage is submitted and approved, invoice is created and will appear in the AP workflow to be processed. If you are someone that processes invoices, additional information on how to process an invoice for submission can be found here



Once all required fields have been completed, a draft can be saved or submitted. If the draft is saved, it does not enter workflow. Any fields filled in or attachments for the draft will remain. If the draft is submitted, the mileage is created along with the image and it then enters workflow.