With mileage, there are many settings. This guide will provide details on what each of them do. 

Please note, you must be an admin to view these settings.

Mileage Site Settings

Settings changed here apply to all users using the Mileage module.

Admin > Site Settings 

Once on the Site Setting Manager screen you will click on Mileage to open the Mileage Site Setting Manager Screen

Mileage Site Setting Manager Screen

Mileage Submission Create Requisition - Display's the option to send the Mileage Request into the Requisition workflow for approval to submit to USAS.

Show Odometers - Display's the option to enter the user's vehicle odometer reading from the trip. Entering the odometer start and end will auto calculate the Total Miles field.

Require Comments for Expenses - If entering "other" expenses, the comment box is required to have something typed into it before saving the line. 

Copy Mileage Requestor Email to Vendor - Instead of using the vendor email (pulled from vendor), it will use the requester email.

Autofill Single Line Invoices - Single line PO's will be automatically populated when an invoice is generated.

Note: You will still have to set the status of the line on the invoice.  

Combine Mileage Lines on Req - Mileage lines are combined when a requisition is created. 

Home/Work Differential - If set to shortest, it will calculate the shortest distance from Home/Work to destination.  Differential will calculate actual distance from Home/Work to the destination and subtract from School to destination 


Note: Differential would only apply to entries with home as a start or destination.  When used, the options should be 

None and Shortest. User should have *Home Vendor ID specified.

Preferred Route - Determines if the fastest or shortest route is automatically selected via Google API.

Invoice Number Macro - Will auto generate an invoice number for the mileage invoice. 

Note: Macros you may use are {{Initials}}, {{CurDate}}, {{CurTime}}, and {{SCID}}

Mileage Submission Create Invoice - Allows the form to create an invoice which automatically goes into the AP Workflow once the mileage has been approved.  

Show Submit with PO - This option adds a check box to allow the submission to create an invoice. 

Require Submit for PO - Automatically checks the "Submit with PO" box, disables it, and forces a number to be entered before the form can be submitted for approval. 

Require Comments for All Mileage - Requires a comment for each mileage line before it can be added.

Merge Other Expenses w/ Mileage Total - Merge other expenses on mileage lines into the mileage total.

Mileage Note - Places a note on the mileage form for creators to read before submitting.

Mileage Rates - Add mileage rates in order to auto calculate the cost per mile.

To create a new rate, click the "New" button and type out the Effective Date and rate in the fields labeled  Then click the "Save" icon. Lastly, click the "Apply" button on the top left corner of the settings page.

Note: Should always add a new effective date and keep previous.

Mileage Destinations - Add destinations on this setting page in order to display them on the mileage form as drop down options for both From and To destinations (shown below) rather than typing them out on the form.

To create a destination, click the "New" button and type out the values in the fields labeled  Then click the "Save" icon. Lastly, click the "Apply" button on the top left corner of the settings page.

Below is an Excel document which allows a mass upload of destinations through our Import option.

*If the user does not already have a vendor in USAS, please create one and ensure there is an address associated with it. If the user already is a vendor in USAS, ensure it has their home address as the address.