After scanning and indexing invoices in SCScan, you can upload your invoices directly to USAS once they are in the AP Workflow. To submit:


1. Process invoices as normal until they make it to the designated submission queue. This will be set up prior to submission and is most often called "Ready to Pay/Print", but it may have a different name (contact SC Support staff to discuss).


2. When all of the invoices that need to be processed are in the designated submission queue, they can be reviewed one of two ways:

a) Using the Arrows on the left of the grid item (1).

You can simultaneously press this arrow for all items within the queue by pressing the Expand/Collapse All button (2). This will open the lower lines for review to ensure all data is properly filled out before submitting. If any edits need to be made, they will have to be done on the confirmation screen.


b) On the invoice confirmation screen just before submission.

Each line will still have the arrow to the left of the row (1). This will need to be opened to edit the lower lines. If any upper lines need editing, such as the vendor number or invoice number, you can click the edit button for the upper line on the left side of the window for that line. The "Total" field on the upper line will not reflect in USAS, so we must edit the lower line under the "Amount" field. (2). Once the edit button is clicked, any field that can be edited will transform into an input (3). Once the corrections have been made, click Update where the Edit button was to save changes (4). Similarly, once the lower lines have been opened up, there will be an Edit button to the left of each line (5). Only one lower line can be edited at a time. Just as with the upper lines, the lower lines will convert to input boxes (6). Once the required changes have been made, click Update on the left side of the line to save the changes (7). Once all of the required confirmations and changes have been made, click OK to submit to USAS (8).


Once the invoices have been submitted to USAS, they will spend up to 15 minutes processing (most happen in just a minute or two). After processing, they will either fall into a Completed queue or a Failed queue. Those invoices in the Completed queue mean they have successfully posted to USAS. You can confirm they were successful by checking USAS after they have entered the Completed queue. You will be able to run an invlist against these invoices.

Invoices that enter the Failed queue mean that something went wrong on submission and/or an error occurred. Please check the audit history for the reason for failure. You can view the possible failure reasons and their fixes here.


Some important notes about submitting to USAS:

1) If a line is submitted with $0 and a status, the invoice will fail submission. Any lines marked as $0 should not have a status.

2) If a line has no status but has an amount, the invoice will fail submission. Any lines with a dollar amount above $0 should have a status.

3) Editing the "Total" in the upper line does not reflect in USAS, so we must edit the "Amount" in the lower line on the confirmation window just before submission.