If you do not have ACH configured, please see this article

 Once ACH has been configured, you are ready to create the files necessary for the bank to send ACH payments. In order to create the files, follow the below instructions:

1. Run chkproc like normal. You will need a DAT file to pull over into SCView with a payment to a vendor marked as an ACH vendor. 

2. Drag in the DAT (or XML if you're on redesign) file like you would for a normal check. If you are unsure of this process, click here.

3. Once the files are imported, the check manager screen will show all of your checks from the DAT file, with both ACH and non-ACH mixed together. 

For easier printing, Sort by the ACH column so that all ACH "checks" are together.

4. Select the ACH checks you'd like to generate the file for.

5. Click Print Checks

6. Depending on the information from the DAT file, the CCD or PPD ACH File buttons will be enabled. Click the button to generate the file.

7. A link will appear as if you were printing a check. Selecting either download or open will both download the file.

9. Once you have the file, you will need to send this to the bank to get the payment processed.