Some vendors are paid via ACH, which is a different process than printing a standard check. In order to set up ACH within SCView, follow the below instructions:

  1. The vendors you wish to pay via ACH must already be set up in USAS as ACH vendors. The following all must be set or will not be marked as ACH in USAS.

    • Vendor Bank Account Number
    • Vendor Email
    • Vendor Entry Class Code
    • Vendor Routing Number
    • Vendor Transaction Code
    • ACH Active Checked
    • Default Payment type set to Check

  2. In SCView, navigate to Admin->Site Settings->Checks. If you do not see Site Settings as an option, you will need to contact support at to have them enable this option

  3. You will see a section labeled ACH. The information in this section must be provided by your banking institution. We do not have any of this information available. You will also need to confirm if the file must be balanced as checking the option when it is not needed will cause the files to be rejected by the bank.

  4. After putting in all of the information, click apply