Occasionally an invoice will get indexed twice and submitted to the workflow for approval. When this happens it is possible to remove the duplicates from SCView in order to maintain the documentation. The first step is to determine the scope of the duplications. If a batch from SCScan was accidently uploaded twice, please notify support as soon as possible. Support is able to remove the entire duplicated batch from the system as long as none of the invoices have been processed through to the Financial Information System (FIS).

If there are duplicates that were indexed in multiple batches, or the duplicated batch has had some invoices processed through to the FIS, the duplicated invoices will need removed from SCView manually.

Removing from Workflow

  1. Navigate to the AP Workflow
  2. Locate the duplicated invoices
  3. Take note of the PO number
  4. Remove the duplicate from workflow by either selecting "Remove from Workflow" or "Deny"
    1. If you selected "Deny" you will need to go to "Invoice Denied" and select "Remove from Workflow"

Removing Images from Packet

  1. Navigate to Search
  2. Select the "Financial Packet" Document Type
  3. Search the associated PO Number
  4. Locate the invoice page in the packet
  5. Right click the invoice and select "Page Group History"
  6. Verify in the history that you selected the invoice you removed from workflow
  7. Right click and select "Delete"
    1. If the option is not available you will need to contact your site administrator for "Delete" access