With contacts manager, you can easily notify a group of users with a form campaign. This guide will walk through how to add contacts, view and make edits to any existing contact.

This module is used along with the Forms Campaign. Click HERE to view the guide on how to use Campaign Manager. 

Go to Tools-Manage Contacts

On the manager screen, you can filter, edit, and add new contacts

1. Group: Sort by contact group.

2. Category: Sort by contact type.

3. Search: Search all contacts.

4. Import Contacts: Import contacts by uploading a CSV or Excel file (Please contact support for file if you wish to upload contacts).

5. Create New Contact: Manually create new contact.

6. Add to Group: Add 1 or more contacts to a group.

7. Group Manager: Add, edit, or delete groups.

8. Contact Categories: Add, edit, or delete categories.

Import Contacts

1. Click "Import Contacts".

2. Select file or drag and drop a file from your computer into the popup box.

3. Verify contacts. Any edits that need to be made can be made by double clicking a field. Click "OK" to upload.

NOTE: For the Action field, if it says Update, it means the contact already exists with same name. We can change to Create or Ignore if needed.

Once the file has been loaded, we will receive a popup confirming they have successfully been upload. Contacts will now be found in the contact manager screen.

Create New Contact

1. Click "Create New Contact"

2. Fill in all required fields and click save.

NOTE: To add a contact method or secondary contacts, click the +

: Edit a contact

: Delete a contact

Person ID: If a contact has a local ID, enter it here.

Category: Assign category type for contact.

First Name: Contact's first name.

Middle Name: Contact's middle name.

Last Name:  Contact's last name.

Date of Birth: Contact's date of birth.

Contact Methods: We can add multiple contact types such as email, phone, and address. A contact can have multiple entries for the same type.

Contact Groups: We can add a contact to 1 or more groups.

Secondary Contacts: We can add a secondary contact. The contact must already be in the system. We can add them as an emergency contact.

Add contact(s) to group

1. Select 1 or more contacts and click "Add To Group"

NOTE: If we wish to create a new group, click "Create New Group"

2. Select one or more groups we wish to add the contact(s) to and click "OK".

Manage Groups

1. Click "Group Manager"

From here, you can filter, edit, add, and delete groups.

Filter: Filter by all, shared, and my groups.

: Edit a group.

: Delete a group.

Name: Name of the group.

Description: Brief description of the group.

Shared: ??

Owner: User who created group.

Create New Group: Fill in required fields and click "Save".

Name: Name of group.

Shared: ??

Description: Brief description of the group.

Owner Name: This will be filled in once group is saved.

Import Contacts: Import contacts via CSV or Excel file.

Create New Contact: Add new contact.

Add Existing Contact: Add 1 or more contacts that are already in the system.

Contacts: Edit or delete contacts added to the group.