Making a VCard Payment:

If you are interested in using VCards with CPS, please contact your sales rep.

Once VCard has been configured, you are ready to create the files necessary for VCard payments. 

In order to create the files, follow the below instructions:

  1. Set the vendors to be paid up in USAS Classic using the VENSCN: page 2 AND 3.

If you are using Redesign, it will have the same 'VCard' setup in the Bank Account Number field.

    2. Run CKPROC like normal in Classic, or XML file for Redesign. Under Tools > Checks in MySCView, Use the drag and drop feature or click the upload button to upload the check file. Click here to see the complete check guide which explains the regular check printing process aside from the VCard process.

    3. Once the files are imported, the Check manager screen will show all payments for the uploaded file. ACH type will show CPS for VCard payments.

4. When VCard payments show, click on the VCards tab or go to Tools > VCards to process those payments separately from printing your checks. Be sure to filter by Warrant under VCard Type. 

    5. Select the VCard payments you’d like to generate the file for by checking the boxes on the left side of the page.

    6. Click Process VCD.

    7. A pop up will appear as if you were printing a check to process the payments.  

    8. When the payment is processed, the last 4 digits of the card number will appear with a payment status showing Payment processed. If you have chosen to have the funding automatically debited from your account, no further action is required.

    9. If you are having your bank initiate the funding, download the file created to the bank with your Funding Authorization letter, to get the ACH generated. You must send the authorization letter along with the ACH file to your bank to make sure the funds are allocated to the Account number created for your district.

    10. Remittance emails will go out to the vendors 24 hours after the funding has been received. These are scheduled for 1:00 P.M. daily.

Reconciliation of the Checks:

  1. Under Tools > VCards, check the boxes for which checks you would like to create a CSV file for reconciliation that is used for informational purposes. Then click Reconcile. You can choose between the cleared date or the time since the last download.

    2. Use the RCNCLE program in USAS to manually reconcile your check.  This will remove them from your outstanding report.