The module must already have been enabled. If not, please view the FAQ section on how to get setup by clicking here.

1. Go to Tools-> Indexing

2. Click "Import"

3. For the Batch Name box, we recommend entering the date and your initials. Description is not required. This is similar to description on SCScan. Then either drag and drop or click the Select button to choose files. Then click submit. 

It will say Documents have been queued for import. Refresh the page, and the batch that was just uploaded should now appear.

Note: If you wish to email documents to create a batch, use the email address you were provided when you were setup or contact It will create a batch off of the email and add it to the indexing page and you will be ready to index.

4. Repeat Steps #2 and #3 as needed until all items are uploaded to be indexed. Place a checkmark next to the batches you wish to index and click "Index Selected".

5. Select the Department Name and Document Type that you are indexing for and index. Click Next to move to the next document to index. 

If indexing invoices or invoices approved, you will also have lower line items to index just as you do for SCScan. 

6. Once there are no more documents to index, click the Close button.

7. Then check any batches that you are ready to upload and click Submit Selected. That will then successfully upload the batch into the system for searching and workflow if applicable.