Due to USAS restrictions,  you will not be able to submit an invoice with an invoice date in the previous fiscal year. To correct this issue, follow the below steps:

1. Click the arrow to the left of the row to open the lower line items for the invoice

2. Click edit on the upper line next to the checkbox. Find the column labeled invoice date, double click, and put in the 7/1 or greater date, then click Save in the lower left corner.

3. Click Edit on the lower lines that you are submitting an amount for. This will enable the line for editing in the same window. When you click edit on the line, the edit option will changed to show "Update"

4. Enter the vendor invoice date under the received date item. After entering the date, click Update where the edit button was previously. 

5. Once all lines have been updated, the invoice is ready to submit to USAS.