SCView provides unbiased, secure information access for all documents and structured data stored in file systems, intranets, enterprise applications, databases, and web sites. Revolutionizing your approach to search by incorporating all of your sources into one federated search platform. In addition, SCView will provide end users with the ability to retrieve, view, edit and print scanned/indexed documents. Our interface allows users to intuitively search all of your
scanned documents through a single user interface.

Login Screen

When a user needs to retrieve information they must first log into our system (for security reasons). The login information used will define the rights of the user (all permissions are user-based for added security). Records are located at the following web address:

Choosing a Document Type

Once a user has successfully signed into the system, SCView will allow them to select from a list of available document types based on that user’s application rights. Once a document is selected the appropriate search criteria will automatically display (for example, Board Minutes may be searched by date of meeting, where Personnel Files may be searched by a full or partial first or last name and possibly a date of birth).


Searching & Viewing a Record

A search can be executed by utilizing full or partial information. For example, if a user wanted to find Henry Bosen, they could type in the full name in the search criteria or simply “Henry” or “H” in the first name box and “B” in the last name search. Ultimately, the more information that is entered into the search boxes, the fewer lines of data a user will have to search through to find the desired information. Once the desired information is found a user must simply double-click on it to display the image(s). In order to search again, click the “Clear” button and type in the new search criteria.

If a document has many pages SCView can display a thumbnail view for expedited searches within a document. Simply scroll down thru the pages until the desired page is found.

Redacting a Record

Also, if users are granted rights to annotate, they can email or print documents and hide sensitive information) such as a social security number or credit card information) with redaction or other annotations. In order to redact, simply click on the button that displays a black box at the top of the screen. After clicking the redaction button, the user can click and drag the cursor in order to create a black box over the image. The box can be resized to fit any information on the image.


Printing a Record

Users, if granted the correct permissions, can print a record from the system when necessary. When a record is open that the user wishes to print, simply click the printer button that is immediately above the displayed image. A print setup dialog will display:

From here, the user can decide whether to open the current page, all pages, or a range of pages as a PDF. Once the user selects “Open”, a PDF will display of the chosen file. From here, the user can print, E-mail, or save the file.


Button Commands (from left to right)

-Create New Doc
-Append Pages
-Previous Page Button
-Next Page Button
-PDF/Printer Button – This will create a PDF of the record so that it may be Printed, Saved, or E-mailed.
-The magnifying glass with the “+” symbol will zoom in on the image.
-The magnifying glass with the “-“ symbol will zoom out on the image.
-The button with arrows pointing to the left and to the right will fit the image to the width of your screen.
-The button with the piece of paper on it will fit the image to the height of the screen.
-The “1:1” zoom will zoom the image to full size.
-The arrow rotating counterclockwise will rotate the image counterclockwise 90 degrees.
-The arrow rotating clockwise will rotate the image clockwise 90 degrees.
-The button with two arrows going opposite directions will flip the image 180 degrees.
-The arrow pointing to the left “<” will take the user to the previous page within a document.

The items below may or not be available depending on user permissions:
-The button with the black box will allow the user to redact information within an image.
-The yellow button will allow the user to highlight information within an image.
-The button with the letter “A” in it will allow the user to create a text note on an image.
-The button with the pen will allow the user to use free-hand annotations on an image.
-The last button (with the “X”) will allow the user to delete a redaction or annotation on an image.

Editing Indexes for a Document

In the event that indexed data needs to be updated, a user (with the appropriate rights) simply needs to click on the edit button and review the current indexes and make changes where appropriate. All of the original indexes will be displayed and can be updated from this window.

Once the user has made any necessary changes or added any notes to the record, simply clicking “Update” will replace the old index with the new index information for future use.