The leave manager makes it easy for a user to review their leave history. It can be accessed by going to Tools -> Leave Requests.



The filters at the top of the page provide a way to easily sort through the leave listed.

The filters begin with a time filter. This is based on the current date of access. The second filter is a user filter. This is available only with unrestricted Search access to the leave document type. It will show results for only the user selected in the box, or all users if the (all) option is chosen. Items I affected will remove the current list of items and replace it with items that the currently logged in user has affected. This means any leave items that have been approved, rejected, returned, or touched via workflow.



Clicking the View Report button in the upper right corner will open up a window which allows access to a reporting option of all leave submitted to USPS which is tied to the Departments you have access to. If you do not see an employee/department that should be on your report, you will need to contact your site admin to give additional permissions.


Start Date - Shows any leave that has a leave line with the given date

Submission Date - Shows any leave based off the date submitted of the leave request


Detailed Lines - Breaks down by leave lines. Helpful when a leave request has multiple days spread across multiple pay periods

Requests - Shows as normal leave request

From - Starting date for report

To - Ending date for report


Locking USPS

In the event your ITC needs to back up your information, you will need to lock our system out of USPS so that it does not interfere. To do this, simply click the Lock USPS button in the top right corner. This will lock our system out for the duration in the drop down. In the event the ITC is still seeing a Strategic account logged in, they will need to manually log the accounts out after the system is locked. If you would like to resume working before the time expires, you can simply click the Unlock button. Otherwise, it will automatically unlock after the allotted time. 


To create a new leave, simply click the Add New button. This will open the leave form. To learn more about how to use the leave form, click here.

Your ability to edit a leave will depend on your rights and the status of the leave: 

  • If you do not have edit rights for leave, you will only be able to edit the leave while the status is Draft or Not in Workflow. If you need to edit a leave once it has entered workflow, you will need to choose the Recall option to pull it out of the approval path for editing. Once resubmitted, it will need to pass through all approvals again
  • If you have rights to edit and it is in your workflow queue, you can edit the leave
  • If you have rights to edit but it is not in you workflow queue, you will not be able to edit
  • If you are an Admin and have edit rights, you can edit the leave anywhere
  • If a leave line has been submitted to USPS, you will not be able to edit regardless of rights

Your ability to delete a leave will also depend on your rights and the status of the leave:

  • If you do not have delete rights for leave, you will only be able to delete the leave while the status is Draft. 
  • If you have rights to delete and it is in Draft, Not in Workflow, or (Un-Queue) status, you can delete the leave
  • If there are any lines that have been submitted to USPS, the leave will not be able to be deleted, but individual lines may still be deleted