If your district requires an evaluation for your IPDP plan, please follow the steps listed below. 

NOTEIf the button is not green, the selected IPDP plan has not been approved and cannot have an evaluation added.

1. Select the IPDP plan you wish to submit an activity hour for and click "Add Evaluation".

2. Fill in as required and click "Save" to submit for approval.

Work Assignment: Job assignment pertaining to the activity.

NOTEIf not on your form, your district has hidden it.

Title of Development: Title for your activity hour.

Location of Development: Where was your development held.

Attendance Dates: Add 1 or more dates.

Hours/CEUs: Total hours or CEUs.

Hour Type: Select CEU, Semester, Quarter, or Contact. 

NOTEThe system will automatically convert to hours shown under IPDP manager screen.

Add Supporting Documents: Attach a PDF or any other image that is required for the activity.

Professional Development Type: Select 1 or more that the activity applies to.

Standards: Fill out as detailed in the evaluation.

Once approved, you will receive an email and the status will change to "Approved" in IPDP manager.