With forms campaign, you can send out a custom form to a contact or group to have filled out and track the status if everyone in the campaign has completed the form. 

This module is used along with the Contacts Manager. Click HERE to view the guide on how to use Contacts Manager. 

Go to Tools-Forms Campaign

On the manager screen, you can filter, edit, and create new campaigns.

1. User: Show all campaigns or by selected user.

2 & 3. Date: Start date and end date of campaigns to show.

4. Status: Show all, inactive, or active campaigns.

5. Search: Search for keyword.

6. New Campaign: Create new campaign.

7. Campaign Details: View details of the campaign such as if all contacts have completed the campaign.

Create New Campaign

In this example, we will be doing salary notices. With forms campaign, you can use any custom form. 

Click "New Campaign"

1. Fill in all required fields and click "Next"

Name: Name of the campaign.

Description: Brief description of the campaign.

Form Group: Which form wish to use for campaign.

Use Merge File: Excel file that contains all information to fill in fields for each user

NOTE: If wish to use merge file, please contact support as each one is custom.

2a. Select who is set to receive emails and click "Next".

2b. If not using merge file, add contacts or groups as needed and click "Next"

: Remove contact from campaign.

Send emails to Contacts: Will send email to contacts listed.

Send emails to Contacts guardians: Will send email to contacts' guardians.

3. If not using Student Registration module, please ignore and click "Next".

4a. Fill in required fields and click "Next".

4b. If not using merge file, can add values manually. By clicking in a value, you can enter a static value or click the drop down to reveal {{Macros}} that can be used for dynamic values. 

Field: Field on the custom form that needs to be filled in.

Value: If using a {{Macro}}, will be dynamic based on the file that was uploaded. Can also add static value by typing it in. 

Locked: Makes it so contact cannot edit the value when they receive their form.

5. Add subject and click "Next".

NOTE: Each form has custom email message and can be customized to your needs.

6. Confirm information is correct and set dates wish to run the campaign from and click "Finish"

Campaign will start within 15 minutes. Once started, emails will be sent out to all contacts.

View Campaign Details

1. Click on campaign and then click "Campaign Details".

From this screen, can view the status of each contact if they have started or completed the campaign that was sent to them. If need to make changes to a campaign or add a contact, can also do from this screen.