The ProgressBook confirm screen has a lot of tools that can help ensure data integrity when submitting new students. On initial load, you will see all of the students you are attempting to confirm with their basic information. The confirm screen also has a "help bubble", highlighted in red in the screenshot below. This will help guide you through the submission process. The information contained in the help bubble will be explained in detail in this article.

Each student record can be amended by adding the EMIS ID or Admission Date on this confirmation screen. The EMIS ID will help with matching a student (explained later) and the admission date is a required field. If you are submitting multiple students, you can check the "Apply Admission Date to All Registrations" box and then enter the date for a single student and all students will be updated with the same date.

The Student ID field can be highlighted in one of three colors: orange, yellow, and green. Hovering over the color will give you more detail on what the color means. Screenshots of each have been included below.

The colors shown in the screenshots above represent the match status of a student. In order to match a student to an existing record, you would click on the arrow to the left of the record.  

Clicking the arrow will open a grid of matches for the student. You can view the match status on the right-most column.

Matches are made in 4 possible ways in the following order:

  1. Match based on a provided Student ID. The Student ID is not available in a window interface anywhere, so this is not likely to be filled in unless this is a form that is being updated from a previous submission
  2. Match based on EMIS ID. This can be entered on the confirm screen prior to matching if available
  3. Match based on SSN. This would need to be entered on the form beforehand
  4. Match based on a combination of first name, middle name, last name, DOB, and gender

Results for all of the above matching strategies will appear in the list. Matches based on items one, two, or three above will be marked as "Exact" matches, which simply means that it is a 100% match to the entered student information. Matches based on item four will not be exact matches, which simply means that there may be more than one match for that student as shown in the screenshot above. To select a match, simply double click on the entry you wish to use. Once selected, the Student ID column will populate.

  • Students without a Student ID (orange highlight) are considered unmatched and will create a brand new student registration in ProgressBook. 
  • Students that are not an "exact" match (yellow highlight) will update the selected student, but if there are multiple matches you may not be updating the correct student record. In these cases, it would be best to go to your web 
  • Students that are an "exact" match (green highlight) will update the selected student without the possibility of an invalid duplicate being updated

Once all students have been matched where necessary, you are ready to attempt to submit the students.

Submitting students to ProgressBook requires many fields to be formatted correctly or have information filled in. The submission form should already validate most of this data, but the confirm screen will verify the fields once more. Attempting to submit with any of the required fields missing will show an error message on all students that are missing information. You can view what is missing by hovering your mouse over the red area.

Once all students are ready to be submitted, if you have any students that are unmatched you will be prompted to confirm that these will create new students in the system. After confirming, the items will move into the submission queue and will process shortly after.