The Manage Employees page is used to invite new hired employees to complete their Onboarding packets.

Go to to log in. 

If you've never logged in before, please contact your admin for your username and initial password.

Go to Tools > Manage Employees.

If you do not have access to this and feel that you should, please contact your admin to update permissions.

Inviting Employees

To invite a new employee to fill out a packet, click Invite Employee and it will open a popup.

We will have 3 different options for User Type based on who needs to fill out a packet: Anonymous, Existing, and New User.

For all options, we must make sure the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields are filled out and have a Form Group chosen to determine which packet they are sent to complete. 

Anonymous: We would use this option if we need to invite an employee to fill out a packet but do not need them to log into They will be sent a link inviting them to fill out the packet without logging in that will be tied specifically to them.

Existing: We would use this option to invite an employee who already has a username within We must choose a user from the User Select field. It will auto fill their User ID, First Name, Last Name, and Email. It will also fill out their Employee ID if applicable. 

New User: Using this option will create a new user at the same time of inviting them to fill out a packet. You will need to enter the User ID you would like them to log in with. The invitation email will provide them with their new username and temporary password so they can log into the site.

If you are using a Profile form, it will auto fill the First Name, Last Name, Email, DOB, and Employee ID on the form for the employee if the form contains those fields and if the invitation sent to the employee has those values filled out. All other forms that follow the Profile form will also auto fill those fields.

After the employees have been sent their invitation, you will be able to track their progress under the Manage Employees page by hovering over the Submitted Forms, Total Forms, or Status columns.

Managing Invitations that have been sent

Right clicking on an invitation within the Manage Employees page will allow you to do the following:

Update Email: It will allow you to change the Email Address that was used to send the initial invitation. After updating the email address, you must then use the option Resend Invitation.

Cancel Invitation: This will stop the user from being able to fill out the forms when loading the link from their invitation email.

Resend Invitation: This will resend the invitation based on the current email address listed for their invitation.

Copy Invitation Link: This allows you to impersonate the user to see exactly what they see when they load the link from their invitation to see their progress on the forms. This should only be used for viewing purposes

Once they have completed their packet, it will be sent into the workflow for approval. Please reference the guide on How to Fill Out Online Forms through SCView Portal