1. Go to www.myscview.com to log in. 

If you've never logged in before, please contact your admin for your username and initial password. 

2. Click on the "Tools" menu and click "AR Invoices"

3. Click Print > Statement.

4. You will see the Create Statements window to decide how you would like to generate the AR Invoice Statement.

Select Statement Options

  • Statement Date: This is the date the report is ran. (days past due date would be based off of this date.)
  • Statement Period From: This includes open invoices within this date range.
  • All open transactions as of Statement DateSelecting this option will only show open transactions based on the Statement Date selection.
  • Include only transactions over (day value) days past due date: Checking this box and entering a value will only show transactions based on how many days the AR invoices are past their due date.

Select Customers

  • All Customers: This will show statements for all Customers/Vendors matching the criteria.
  • Selected Customers: This allows choosing specific Customers/Vendors via check boxes.
  • Customer Range: This allows choosing multiple Customers/Vendors sorted alphabetically. The first Customer selected and the last Customer selected will be included along with all Customers in between.

Select Additional Options

  • Print due date on transactions: This will optionally display or hide the due dates on the Invoice Statement.
  • Do not create statements with balance less than (amount value): This allows you to only include AR invoices on the statement above a specific value. Values less then the amount entered will be excluded.

4. When finished making selections, click Print. The statement will download a PDF. Click the downloaded file in your browser and it will be opened in your default PDF viewer.