**This feature is available to anyone who purchased Requisitions, but is not set up by default. Please have an admin user reach out to support in order to have this set up.**

The typical setup is based when a Purchase Order is created with a specific Deliver To Vendor Number(s). The Vendor Number(s) will be decided by your district. When a Purchase Order is created, it will reach a Central Receiving workflow in  a queue called "PO Created". 

The users who are tied to the Requestor email on the Requisition or users who have access to the Workflow will be able to see these Purchase Orders when going to Tools > Receiving. There they can provide whether all the items or only partial items were received.

1. Go to Tools > Receiving. There are Workflow queue choices at the top corner of the screen to choose which queue we need to see. 

2. In order to update the information, first click on the row with the PO in question to highlight it. 

3. Before clicking any of the buttons on the bottom of this page, they can type in any important information in the Notes field. We would also want to double click into the Quantity Received field and Last Received Date to enter how many items were received and when, whether all or a partial quantity.

4. After the information from step 3 has been entered, click one of the following buttons to move it to the next step in the process.

Partially Received:

Clicking this button will route it into a Workflow queue for "Partially Received", which will be a holding queue until the rest of the items are received. As more items are received, we can continue to update the information with the latest quantity and notes until it is completed.

Update with Note:

If no new items were received, but we just need to add any additional information for the status of the order shipment, click the Update with Note button after adding any necessary notes. The Purchase Order will not move anywhere in the Workflow, but the auditing will show the latest notes for anyone to review.

Order is Complete:

If all items have been received, clicking the Order is Complete button will route it into a Workflow queue for "Completed". Once it reaches this queue, the order is complete and the PO can be removed from Workflow.