With the Onboarding module, you have the ability to submit new employees to be created in USPS. If you have the Onboarding module and are not setup to submit to USPS, please reach out to support at support@scview.com requesting to be setup. There is no extra fee. 

In this example, we will be using an "Employee General Information" form. The form name may be different than what you may be using to submit to USPS. The form most commonly sent to USPS is the general profile form which is the first form in the packet that a new hire would fill out. 

1. Go to the Workflow queue containing the Onboarding document type that needs to be submitted to USPS.

2. Select the document(s) you wish to submit to USPS and click "Submit to USPS"

(Note: Workflows and the Submit to USPS button may differ based on your current setup).

3. Verify information on the confirmation and click "OK"

4. Document(s) submitted will go into a hidden queue similar to Requisitions, Leave, Invoices, or Time Sheets. The document(s) will go to completed if successful or failed if unsuccessful. Submission to USPS should not take anymore than 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes and refreshing your screen, the document(s) have not gone to either queue, please reach out to support via chat, email, or phone and we will look into it for you.