Calendar module can be used for multiple scenarios, such as viewing your employees leave and custom form needs. Below are some FAQs. If you would like more information about getting this setup for your district, please reach out to support by emailing them at

Is there a fee to enable the Calendar module for my district?

The calendar module is included at no extra fee with the Leave or custom form module.

Is there a widget for the calendar on the home screen?

Yes there is. It will show a small preview of the event. Clicking it will bring up more information. 

What are some use cases for this module?

The most common use is for the Leave module. When an employee's Leave has been approved (we can also have it on the calendar if not submitted to USPS yet), it will appear on the calendar. It can also be used for custom forms (must have custom form module), such as field trips, to see when a bus is being used. 

I have this module now, I didn't know it can do more than Leave, how can I get this setup?

Please send an email to support at and include how you'd like it setup and a support specialist will get this taken care of for you. 

I don't have this module, I want this NOW!, how do I get more information?

Please send an email to support at and a support specialist will answer any of your questions you may have.