1. Go to www.myscview.com to log in. 

If you've never logged in before, please contact your admin for your username and initial password.

2. Click on the "Tools" menu and click "Refunds"

3. The screen below is referred to as Refunds Manager. Here you can see the details of all the refunds you have created. In this screen you are able to add a refund with the button that says Add Rfnd. 

You are also able to copy a refund with Copy Rfnd. button. 

A user can click Edit Rfnd. if it hasn't been submitted to USAS or is not currently in a workflow waiting to be approved. 

Any user can use Delete Rfnd. to delete a Refund that was saved as a Draft. Only users who have delete permissions can delete a Refund after it has been submitted. If you have delete permissions, it can't be deleted if it is sitting in the workflow.

Your refunds are given a number either after it has been successfully submitted to USAS or at the time it is created and sent for approval. This will depend on the settings set by an Admin user. You can also see the status of each refund, if it has been saved as a draft, where it is waiting to be approved or if it has been submitted to USAS. The other columns tell you the details that you will be providing when you create a Refund.

4. First, fill out the Refund To field. This field can have anything typed as to who is being provided the refund or we can pull a vendor from USAS if you start typing the vendor name or vendor number. Received From Email is an optional field that can tie into email notifications if requested to Strategic Solutions' staff. Requester is not editable and automatically uses the email address of the user creating the Refund.

Refunds have the option to create checks upon successfully submitting to USAS so that there is no extra step to follow within USAS. Once the Refund has been posted to USAS successfully and if the refund was created with Create Check marked as Yes with a Check Number (Check No) and Check Date filled out, the check will be created in USAS.

As mentioned prior, the Refund Number will not be assigned until after the Refund has been submitted to USAS or until after it is created and sent for approval, depending on settings. Choose the Refund Date and enter in the Total amount of the entire Refund that is being created. Refunds can't be submitted if the Total does not match the Total of every line item. The Description field is the summary of all the lines created on the Refund. There is an Attach option that will display the documents if we have access to the Search tab or view in the Workflow to approve.

5. Refund Line Items: Create line items for the Refund.

Add Line: Creates New Line to fill out. Edit Line, Copy Line, and Delete Line do exactly as the button names describe to the line that is highlighted.


    Amount: Amount for this particular line item

    Description: Description for this particular line item

    Account Desc: We can start typing out the name of the account and click the magnifying glass to search results.

    Acct Code: We can start typing the account code and click the magnifying glass to search if we didn't search by Acct                                            Desc. We can search accounts by using the Binocular icon as well.        

    Click Save when finished adding a line.

6. Lastly, we can click Submit to send it into an approval workflow or click Save Draft to finish creating the Refund at a later time.

NOTE: When submitting a Refund and choosing Yes for Print Checks, after it has successfully been submitted, you will need to use ChkSeq Option 2. If you have questions after choosing that option, please contact your ITC for more information.