1. Go to the website page or use the link you were given to load the form. 

If you've never loaded the form before, please contact your admin to find out where the link or page is located.

2. First enter the Vendor Name or Number that you would like to purchase from and it will auto populate the Vendor details as shown. 

5. Click the drop-down arrow and select your Approval Path. The Deliver To field will auto populate with the Deliver To address. If you need to select a separate Deliver To address from the approval path, you select it here. 

If you would like to add an additional attention to or modify the title of the address you can select the text and make one time changes to the current requisition. 

6. You can add any notes for the approvers here, these will not show on the PO. Some districts will have the choice for who will place the order from the drop-down list. 

7. Click on "Add Line"

8. Fill out the Quantity, Price, and Description. 

9. When finished click on the button that says Update. You may now add more lines or Submit your REQ.

You may also use an excel spreadsheet to autofill the line items details of a REQ. You will need to use one of the supplied excel templates. Once this is filled out you may either drag and drop the excel spreadsheet here, or you can select upload and have the file selected.