With leave, there are many settings. This guide will provide details on what each of them do. 

Please note, you must be an admin to view these settings. 

Leave Site Settings

Settings changed here apply to all users using the Leave module.

Admin > Site Settings > Payroll > Leave

Split Into Pay Periods -  If a leave request spans more than 1 pay period, it will split into a request per pay period.

Leave Type List -Entries on this setting will display as a drop down option to choose what type of leave request is being submitted. Click within the box and either type in a new leave type or choose from existing options.

Note: The leave type that is chosen will post to USPS based on the first 2 characters of the Leave Type name. For example, Sick will post as (SI) Sick in USPS. If we use something custom that is not a Leave type in USAS, it will post as OT (Other)

Hourly Increments - If the user benefit type in USPS is hourly, it will display these choices for the user when submitting Leave Requests in MySCView. Typically quarterly increments are used. (.00 .25 .50 .75)

Use Time Entry - Uses a start and finish time for when user placing leave.

Use 'Partial Time' Time Entry - Gives a start time and decimal for selection of how long leave will be. Will go based off of start time selected + decimal secltion.

Time Entry Interval - If using Time Entry for leave type, will put the interval of minutes a user can select.

Enable Time Entry Validation - When enabled, will not allow user to submit leave over hours per day set in USPS.

Hourly Input For Daily Positions Enabled - When enabled, daily employees will input leave in hours. 

Daily Increments - Just like Hourly Increments, if the user benefit type is daily, it will display these choices when submitting Leave Requests.

Leave Type Details - Based on what Leave Type is selected, type out more detail as a subcategory of the Leave Reason. Sick leave (Leave Type Detail: Self, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, etc.)

Hide Costs - Decide if we want to hide the option to add costs associated with the specific Leave Type. Typically Professional Leave would have Costs Associated, but Sick Leave would not.

Show Leave Balances - Decide to show leave balances on Leave form or not.

Leave Request Error On Overage - Choose to display an error if a Leave Request is submitted with time exceeding what is available for the user in USPS.

Enable Future Pay - Enables the ability to post Leaves to Future Pay.

Post to USPS On Request Date - When submitted to USPS, MySCView will wait until the request date is reached before actually posting to USPS. 

Post to USPS Ignore Request Date - Will post the Leave and all lines to USPS on the next monitor run, regardless of dates.

Allow Recalling - Enables the Recall button on the Leave Manager page to remove a Leave request from Workflow.

Allow Requisitions - Allows creation of requisition in the cost associated section.

Auto Set Period For Full Day - Setting to make full days automatically set to AM or PM.

AM Cutoff Time - When putting in less than a full day and using a setting that allows time entry. If the time entry is before this value, the row will show AM.

Copy Leave Requestor Email to Vendor - When a requisition is created from the leave, will use the requestor email as the vendor email instead of the default vendor email.

Post Professional Leave to USPS - Unchecking this box stops professional leave requests from posting to USPS.

Global Note - Display a note on form visible to all users.

Sick Note - Display a note on form when Sick Leave Type is selected.

Time Entry Note - Note that appears on the Leave form only  on the time entry pop-up window.

 Leave User Settings

 Admin > Users > Payroll

Employee ID - USPS User ID to pull the user's USPS positions and leave types.

Department - Used to decide which workflow to send the Leave, Time Sheet, or Mileage Request. This option is selected on each request form.

Report View - Enter the department name in order to allow this user to view a report for Leave or Mileage for only user's in that department.

Leave - Allow user to enter Leave Requests under Tools > Leave Requests.

Leave Account Code Entry - Allow Account Code Entry for Leave.