Batch printing allows you to combine multiple documents into a single PDF. This PDF can be printed immediately or downloaded and used later.


Only 50 items can be batch printed at a time


To batch print:

1. Navigate to the Search tab

2. Search for the document type you'd like to batch print. You can click Search without any criteria specified to get a count of how many documents exist versus how many you can see. 3. This number is listed above the search fields once the search is complete.


  • Once the records that need batch printing are pulled up, they must be selected in the lower left corner. There are a few different ways to select.
  • Single selection - simply left-click an item to select it as the only item (will not batch print with a single item)
  • Single multi-select - Similar to the single selection, this allows one additional selection each click. To perform this type of selection, hold down CTRL+Left-click
  • Range select - To select a range, first select one end of the range of items. Then, hold down Shift+Left-click on the other "end" item to select it and all values in between the two ends.
    After selecting the items that need batch printed, right-click and choose the option for Batch Print  


4. After choosing Batch Print, a popup will appear in the upper right corner that notifies you the print file is getting ready.

5. Once the print file is ready, you'll be presented with a dialog to Download or Open the file. Downloaded the file will save all documents in one combined PDF file. Opening will open the PDF in the browser for printing.

 6. You may encounter an error after step 5 if the conversion times out. The message will ask to Retry or Close. Simply click Retry until the file generates. This just means that the file is too big to generate in a single pass.