**Some of the items discussed in this guide may not be available to your district**


The Time Clock Widget is only available on the Dashboard 

Information Section

The current date and time are displayed in the upper left corner of the widget. In the upper right corner, the employee ID of the currently logged in user will be displayed along with their current clock status. 


Department: This is a drop-down based on the list of departments in the user profile 

Position: The position being worked for this punch in. If the positions showing are incorrectly, you will need to click the Refresh Positions icon next to the drop down to get the latest information from USPS

Location: Location of work - values are preset

Subbing For: This box will populate with any users that have an employee ID in their user profile and have time sheets enabled

Type: Choice between Absence and Attendance. Attendance is standard. Each option changes the available options in the category column

Category: If Attendance is chosen in the Type, there are only two options. One is attendance and the other is substituting. If absence is chosen, the entire list of reasons for absence will populate

Notes: Open text for providing any additional notes about the line


Once all of the required fields above the buttons are entered, the user can use the clock functions. The punch information will appear in the grid beneath the punch buttons.