The Open PO Report is a way to run a report and notify users of all PO's that are still open for the given criteria.


Running the Open PO Report

The Open PO Report is only available to those with Admin level access.

To use this feature, navigate to the Purchase Order manager. This can be accessed by Tools->Purchase Orders.

In the upper right corner of the page you will find the “Open PO Report” button.


Clicking the button opens a pop-up window with the options for running the Open PO Report.  If you receive an error at the top of the page about configuration, please contact support at


Under the time frame option, we can select a default set of ranges, a specific range (based on the current date), or a specific set of PO's that were selected prior to clicking the Open PO Report button.

Custom – This allows us to choose a Start and End Date.

Selected PO’s – This allows us to see which purchase orders are open out of the purchase orders that were checked on the page.

The other options like 30 Days and Current Fiscal will prefill the Start and End Dates with the appropriate values.



NOTE: If "Notify Requestors" is not selected, no items will go into the workflow. 

Email notifications can also be sent to the requester listed for a PO when the report is run. This allows the user to choose if the PO should be left open or can be closed and a specific workflow can be set up to process these changes.


After selecting options, clicking the Add button will start the report. The window can be closed - progress will continue without the window open. Clicking the Open PO Report button will show the status of the current report.

If it shows a status of Completed, any open purchase orders will end up in your purchase order workflow. If you do not see this workflow, please reach out to


Once the POs are in the workflow, it will be up to the Accounts Payable staff to follow their process on updating the PO status as requested by the user.