Box Details is only available when a user has the Requests feature enabled in their user screen. This is generally only available when we have a scanning project pending or files being stored.

The drop-down menus across the top of the Box Details screen are simple filters for the data being shown in the grid below. Select the appropriate filters to the document(s) you are searching for, then click the apply button. You can clear all filters by pressing the Clear button followed by Apply.

Clicking Add Box will open a dialog window where information can be entered about a box. The barcode will be provided by Strategic Solutions. Other information must be filled out as to the document and document type(s) being picked up. If there are multiple bar codes, clicking Save & New will save the entered box details and clear the form so that it can be filled out for the next code.

The Edit box will open a dialog window similar to the Add Box, except it will already contain the box information you are accessing. If anything needs to be updated, you can do so from this window.

More specific detail about the types of files can be included via the link at the bottom of the box detail popup whether in the Add or Edit function. This will open an additional popup where new data can be entered or existing data can be edited.

The Export button simply exports the information in the grid.